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Just as the nurse was about to administer the injection the lady asked the nurse what she was doing. Law and ethics for medical careers 5th ed. good leader thesis statement A question asked by Milton and Cody p. Nurses have both a professional and a legal duty of care Nursing and Midwifery Council

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours How to cite this page Choose cite format: The physician should have been reported for assuming the incident did not need to be reported.

Accessed September 25, We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Using ethical principles healthcare professionals can ensure they are making good moral decisions regarding care and treatment of patients. where to buy a good research paper values A nurse is accountable to the public in the form of criminal law and they have a duty to maintain standards of care, which includes reporting incidences of negligence and poor patient care Thompson et al.

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Social services should have been consulted to assist in the process of reporting the situation to Child Protective Services CPS. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Case study writers law and ethics essays Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Ultimately, the main function of the council is to protect the public and ensure all nurses work within a set standard Field and Smith , and to also outline the ethical standard in which nurses should be behaving Ciccone

These four principles consist of respect for persons, principle of justice, principle of beneficence or non-maleficence and respect for persons autonomy, which all help aid decision making in ethical dilemmas Ambrosino and Goldstein Retrieved April 21, , fromhttp: A nurse on a surgical ward was administering the bed time medication. Criminal laws are generally dealt with in criminal courts for crimes such as rape or murder where imprisonment is a possibility, whereas civil cases for wrongdoings such as trespass are dealt with in civil courts where imprisonment is very rare and compensation in the form of money is usually given to the injured party Elias et al.

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Nursing has progressed over the years into a respected and honorable profession. This contract of employment is an agreement both the employee and employer enter into that is protected by law Staunton and Chiarella How about make it original? The principle of beneficence means to always do good whereas non-maleficence means to do no harm Rumbold

Journal of Child Health Care, 6 2 , Nursing Science Quarterly, 14 4 , If a Young Persons Health Advisor YPHA was to let the parents know that that their child was planning to run away from home, then this would be the right thing to do at that time in the eyes of a deontologist, regardless of the implications of passing this information on, as the YPHA had fulfilled her duty and done the right thing. There are many statutory laws that support the guidelines of the NMC in regards to issues such as record keeping and confidentiality such as The Data Protection Act If the nurse was using good moral and professional judgment, he or she would have reported the situation immediately for the wellbeing of the child.

This injection was prescribed to be administered with the bed time medications. Ethical considerations for the development of a facility policy and organizational culture change. thesis for dummies artificial intelligence The case consisted of a lady, Donoghue, drinking a bottle of ginger beer which her friend had purchased for her.

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In practice it can be seen that a patient who is very unsteady on their feet is at high risk of falling and it can be reasonably foreseeable that the patient could fall. For example, the act states that personal information should not be disclosed without the persons consent unless it is the interest of the public that the information is disclosed. Case study writers law and ethics essays As McHale et al.

However, the removal of a practitioner from the register would only happen if there were to be sufficient evidence available to support a serious charge of misconduct Spouse et al. If a nurse was to withhold a certain medication from a patient on the grounds she thought it would conflict with another treatment the patient was undergoing, she would have to justify this omission, which on the principle of non-maleficence, and the fact she owes the patient a duty of care, is that she wanted to do no harm to the patient. Case study writers law and ethics essays Healthcare professionals have an ethical duty to expose unethical behaviors by other members of the healthcare field. In the case of trespass, it does not have to be proved that any harm has occurred to the patient, which could have been the case in the above situation. Delegation involves the transfer of responsibility to another person to perform a task, but the delegator, in this case the nurse, is still accountable for the task Curtis and Nicholl

We will write a custom essay sample on Ethics Case Study specifically for you. In the case of trespass, it does not have to be proved that any harm has occurred to the patient, which could have been the case in the above situation. Case study writers law and ethics essays Three of the ethical principles that are discussed are nonmaleficence, veracity and paternalism. A nurse is accountable to the public in the form of criminal law and they have a duty to maintain standards of care, which includes reporting incidences of negligence and poor patient care Thompson et al. This assignment is based on the ethical and legal issues that are significant to nursing practice.

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