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However writing manuscripts is a challenging endeavour in that we physicians have a heavy workload, and English which is common language used for the dissemination of scientific knowledge is not our mother tongue. Remember that no significance is not the same as no difference, and you can begin to explain this in your discussion section. best essay cheap college life How should the manuscript be written? Received Feb 12; Accepted Apr 2.

During construction of the sentences, avoid unnecessary words, and active voice rather than passive voice should be used. Thus newly arisen connotations, and self-brain gyms will be promptly written down. essay on service newspaper in hindi 500 words One of the important mistakes is refraining from critical review of the manuscript as a whole after completion of the writing process.

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As is the case with the whole article, text of the Discussion section should be written with a simple language, as if we are talking with our colleague. During writing process, this abstract might be a useful guide which prevents deviation from the main objective of the manuscript. Help writing a research paper discussion section It performs well, giving good results. The Research Council of Norway.

In conclusion, whoever the preferred referee will be, these internal, and external referees should respond the following questions objectively. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Help writing a research paper discussion section Don't miss these related articles:. Previously, similar articles might have been published, however innovative messages, and new perspectives on the relevant subject will facilitate acceptance of the article for publication.

During writing process of the manuscript one of these can be selected based on the intensity of the discussion. Once writing the discussion section is complete, you can move onto the next stage, wrapping up the paper with a focused conclusion. Help writing a research paper discussion section The priorly mentioned information which linked the previous sentence should be placed at the beginning of the sentence, while the new information should be located at the end of the sentence.

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Want to stay up to date? Check out our quiz-page with tests about: How to write an English medical manuscript that will be published and have impact. On the other hand, we think that research team consisting of different age groups has some advantages. seo writing services wellington nz Setiati S, Harimurti K.

Please check out our training videos. For the placement of references use of software programs detailed in other sections is a rational approach. academic writing companies uk Daily working requirements unrelated to the manuscript writing might intervene, and prolong manuscript writing process. Two different approaches can be formulated on this issue? Stating that the results are inconclusive is the easy way out, and you must always try to pick out something of value.

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Save this course for later Don't have time for it all now? For this purpose, you should criticize the experiment, and be honest about whether your design was good enough. However, generally, before onset of the writing process of the manuscript, its abstract might be already presented in various congresses. Help writing a research paper discussion section Other erroneous issues consist of superfluousness of the manuscript with unnecessary repetitions, undue, and recurrent references to the problems adressed in the manuscript or their solution methods, overcriticizing or overpraising other studies, and use of a pompous literary language overlooking the main objective of sharing information.

Check out our quiz-page with tests about:. Remember that no significance is not the same as no difference, and you can begin to explain this in your discussion section. Help writing a research paper discussion section Learn how to construct, style and format an Academic paper and take your skills to the next level.

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