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The primary purpose of a proposal is to A develop marketing methods B increase brand awareness C satisfy a need D research ideas. Which of the following is characteristic of most feasibility reports? Headings divide lengthy documents into chunks that make it easy for readers to locate information. how to write an essay for nursing school application Which type of document most often contains mistakes?

Refusal letters convey bad news, such as an applicant not being hired for a job. Which of the following terms refers to dividing information in a technical document into portions that are easy for readers to follow? Test reports, choice A, are informal versions of laboratory reports. help on essay writing competition 2016 Definition by cause, negative definitions, and definition by components are less likely to be used for defining medical terms.

Question 97 refers to the following group of numbered sentences: Levels 1 and 2. Technical writers can avoid copyright problems by seeking permission from a source and using only limited amounts of material. best dissertation services birmingham al Western societies like Germany, England, and the U.

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CAC and a second form of I. The primary task of a technical writer when submitting an unsolicited proposal is to convince the reader that A opportunities exist for funding the proposed service or product B competitors are using the proposed service or product C a need exists for the proposed service or product D the proposed service or product is guaranteed. Technical writing services dsst study guide Levels 1 and 2.

A Remove the filter from the system and evaluate it. Pictographs use symbols instead of lines and bars to represent numerical amounts, so they are most appropriate for readers who lack technical knowledge. Technical writing services dsst study guide IFBs are issued when an organization needs standard products, such as computers.

The text in an advance organizer separates consecutive headings in a document, so choice C is the best answer. Which of the following guidelines applies to preparing a glossary in a technical document? Enumeration and organizational patterns improve coherence by connecting ideas in a logical order for readers, so choices A and C are incorrect.

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Choice C clarifies who walked into the lab without a mask. C Remove the filter from the system, and then evaluate it. mba essay service long term goals A Regular employee training has had a positive affect on our firm. In choosing A The manager assembled a meeting, reviewed the new policy, outlined a schedule, and answers questions from subordinates.

To order a score report or receive additional information: Which of the following guidelines applies to revising technical documents? Redundancies are a problem associated with wordy documents, so choice D is incorrect. The primary purpose of using advance organizers in technical documents is to A add visual dimension B locate supplements C separate headings D explain graphs.

What is the purpose of cross-references in an index? Using an informal tone in a technical document is most likely appropriate when the audience consists of A potential clients B top-level executives C friendly colleagues D academic professionals. Which type of visual would be most appropriate for installation instructions provided with a home ceiling fan?

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Subdivided bar graphs, multi-column graphs, and deviation bar graphs illustrate numerical information that has been presented in columns, which eliminates choices A, B, and C. External proposals, choices B and D, are sent to other firms or organizations. Technical writing services dsst study guide Which of the following is especially important to include in a laboratory report?

The technician repaired the equipment; he received a promotion for his efforts. The primary purpose of a refusal letter is to A deny liability B counter a claim C request a refund D convey bad news. Technical writing services dsst study guide Both types of reports may be compiled by teams, so choice D is incorrect. Oversimplifying involves leaving out important information and creating a cause and effect relationship, which makes choice B incorrect. Pictograms and diagrams display relationships but not schedules, so choices A and D are incorrect.

Service manuals, which contain troubleshooting guides, are written for trained technicians to help them repair equipment. How to Write Essay in Third Person. Technical writing services dsst study guide Process descriptions, sales proposals, and user manuals most likely include the date the report is submitted, but such documents do not review a specific period, choices A, C, and D should be eliminated. The original compound sentence needs a comma after production, so choice A is incorrect. Since anyone can post information on the Internet, online search engines and sources are not necessarily valid.

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